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Welcome to the 2nd Home of the

..Happy Hookers!!!!..

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About Our Kits

Most of the items listed are either Latch Hook Kits or Latch Hook Related (Hooks, Backing Etc) All of my kits are hand made and most are unique and not available anywhere else.

I use Quality materials, MCG Graph & Latch Canvas, Caron Natura Yarn 4 Ply Worsted. In the case of colors not available from Caron I use Red Heart or Bernat 4 ply Worsted yarns. I don’t use Rug Yarn because many of my kits are made for Pillows or Blankets when combined together and who want to to lay their head on steel wool. I do have rugs made from these also and they hold up well.

With your kit you will get a Canvas Marked to match the grid on the pattern, (A pattern is NOT ON THE CANVAS), more than enough precut yarn , And Instructions on how to Hook and use my patterns. Hooks are not supplied but are available in my store S&H included with purchase of a Kit.


Thanks For Looking & Happy Hooking !!!









Discount Offer

Many of the kits I have listed still have pictures of a computer generated virtual picture (they look good but are not the actual product). I would like to remedy this. So, I’m offering a discount to my customers for pictures of their finished kits.

Help Me:

Turn This

Into This

Once you finish your kit If its one that still has a virtual picture and, I havn't already received a new picture already, take a picture and E-mail it to me. I will discount your next purchase 10% S&H Not Included

Buy Your Kit(s) E-mail me your picture (it must be a good quality useable picture no time or date stamps please) and wait for the adjusted invoice .

Only 1 discount per kit per picture (3 different pics of the same kit count as 1 pic).

I will discount as many kits as you have pictures of different kits. (If you order 5 Kits and you have pictures of 5 different eligible kits I will discount all 5 Kits). Only one discount of any kind per Item. If you get the 10% for the picture you can't get a shipping discount.

If you change the kit from the original design no discount can be offered.


Pictures of personel or Special Order kits and Items already on sale are excluded from this offer.


Custom Kits

If there’s something you want that you don’t see contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you. Bear in mind that Facial features and Highly detailed pictures are hard to create in this medium. There are limited colors to use and size limitations. Not everything can be put on a 12X12 or 16X16. Detail takes size.


I once saw a gorgeous kit of the Last Supper. I would love to have offered that kit for sale But its 11 feet long and 5 feet high. It would cost a fortune and take me a week to cut the yarn for it. 10 Boxes to Ship it.


I can make a pattern for most anything but may not be able to supply the yarn required because of color availability.


Most Item(s) ship within 3 Buisness Days of the received and cleared payment via USPS 1st Class or Priority Mail depending on the weight of the kit.


Larger Kits or Major multiple Kits that require me to special order canvas may take up to 7-10 for shipping.



Because Kits are made to order I do not accept returns. If you have a problem message me I’m sure we can work it out.



If you wish to purchase items not listed on Ebay outside of without linking to Ebay I will send an invoice to you from Paypal. You DO NOT need a Paypal Account to use a Credit or Debit Card. I have Received E-Checks from Bank Accounts as Well.


I no longer Accept Money Orders


About Me


I first started Hooking in the late 70s.

I was unemployed and used it to help pass the time.


I could never find a kit I wanted so I started designing them myself. Back then is was a whole different thing. I had to mark each stitch on the canvas with a marker (No Computer Software or Printers were available to me at the time)


I made one for the Buffalo Bills, The Sabres and The Buffalo Stallions (A Soccer Team Now Defunct). If I can find them I'll post pics in the Gallery I may have given 2 of them away but I think I have the Bills.


Anyway I finally became employed and no longer had time for Hooking.


In 2003 I became Medically Disabled and found myself with tons of time on my hands (AGAIN). For 4 years i sat around doing nothing and trying to find a way to augment my income. Idea after idea went by the wayside.


When my oldest grandchild started doing them I would occationally make something for her. In August or September of 2007 my son bought a Precious Moments Latch Hook Kit for his Wife (she collects Precious Moments Stuff). He asked his Mother to do it for Him she replied I don't remember how, so I told him I'd do it.


He gave me the Kit I rummaged through the attic and found a hook , and a few weeks later It was done and, I was bored again.


I had some plastic canvas software I had purchase to design stuff for my wife (she liked to do PC). Needless to say I found that I could apply it to Hooking when I had used it for my GDs kits and started to Design My Own Kits (No Markers This Time).


In November of 2007 I placed my first Kit online (Flag & Eagle) and it sold.

I designed a few more (Mostly Care Bears) and sold some and didn't sell others.


In mid January of 2008 I opened my store:


WBillybob7's Latchook Empourium


I had maybe 20 items listed.


Today I have almost 400 listed on Ebay and almost 800 more here. In 2008 I sold 663 items. That doesn't mean I sold 663 Kits becase the majority of my sales are multiple Kit orders. Maybe 10% are single kits but i've had orders (combined orders only count as one) of 18 (30 now May 09)or more kits. The average I'd say is around 4 . so if you take the average and multiply it by 663, in 2008 I sold 2600 Plus Kits.


Around August of 2008 I purchase different software to use (It was designed to make cross stich patterns). It puts Symbols in the colored squares to help distinguish then from each other. The biggest drawback is that there are hundreds of cross stitch flosses as compared to the Limited useable yarn colors that I have, therefore there are some patterns that I don't have yarn to make due to limited yarn colors (around 80).

Most of my patterns have been converted to this system which I like better(My wife didn't like it at first but she came around) the rest I'll change as I sell them.


I may never be a Power Seller on Ebay but I want to Thank You all for making my store such a success.


I also want to thank My Late wife of 37 years for all her help and support with this endevor. She liked to do Plastic Canvas but She became  a Big Time Hooker. I Miss Her.