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Welcome to the 2nd Home of the

..Happy Hookers!!!!..

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The Gallery

On this page are Pictures sent to me from customers to show me what they did with the kits that they bought. I'll also be posting pics of Special order kits that aren't listed in either site. If you have any pics you'd like to share just send them an I'll be glad to post them.














Patterns Made From Personal Photos



Family & Friends

More Family & Friends

These are all made from pics of family pets that were emailed to me by customers. Most are Cats and Dogs but I have 2 Guinea Pigs also.







Special Order Kit


Thanks to enterprisejunkie & bluetygress for the pics

Name, Word and Buisness Kits


12X24 12X20


12X20 12X20


13X24 13X24


13X24 12X24



Buisness Kit 58X24

My Latch Hooked Xmas Tree

This is A Xmas tree that my Wife and I made. Its Around 5 Ft tall including the Hooked Base (Not Shown) and around 3 feet wide at the Bottom of the Tree. It has a 150 set of chaser lights pushed thru the back W/ Mini Candy Canes & There are some small oriments but I don't see them in this Picture. We've used it for 3 Xmases so far. The Topper is a Small angel on a Lt. blue Field.