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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I get with My Kit Purchase?

A: With every kit you will receive; a 3.75 Canvas for the size kit you order, more than enough precut yarn to finish your project, a Color /Symbol Pattern & Instructions. A hook is Not Included but I do sell them for $3.09(Price is Subject to change without notice) and no additional S&H is charged when purchased with a kit .


Q: What do the patterns look like i've never done one where the patterns not on the canvas.

A: The patterns have distinctive Color & Symbol stitches. Each square represents one stitch and each pattern includes a color & Symbol key. The canvas itself is marked in a Grid to match the Grid on the Color printed pattern. The below is an example of a pattern for a 12X12 kit and a Picture of a 12X12 canvas and how it's marked.



Pattern Example


12X12 Canvas Example



Q: What is your return policy?

A: ALL KITS ARE MADE TO ORDER (90% of all the kits here are unique and designed by me & NOT available anywhere else). So There is really no return policy.

If you have a serious concern e-mail me with the problem and perhaps we can resolve it.


Q: Do you combine shipping?

A: I offer S&H discounts for most of my kits. Everything depends on how many kits are ordered and how many I can fit in a single box.


Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?

A: I usuually ship within 2 Buisness days (Sundays & Holidays excluded) of the reciept of cleared . I ship priority mail so you should get it within 2-3 days of shipping date. Some kits that i order canvas for take an additional 5-7 days depending on how quick I recieve the canvas.


Q: How much is the Shipping and Handling Charge?

A: The S&H charge for each Item is different depending on size (weight) and your location in reference to mine. I used to ship with a flat rate but your biggest complaint was my shipping costs so now some of you pay a little less others more but you pay what I pay I DON'T MAKE MONEY ON THE S&H. If by chance I over charge on S&H by more than $1 or so I will refund the overage to your paypal account.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes. I'll ship anywhere if your willing to pay the shipping COST (Whatever the USPS charges me for International Priority Shipping is what you'll pay) in most cases the shipping calculator in the listing will give you accurate S&H fees on 1 item. For multiple items I will need to figure out the actual S&H cost. I may over estimate to be sure that the S&H is covered but if I do over charge I WILL Refund the overage.


Q: Is the pattern printed on the canvas?

A: No. The pattern is printed on a seperate sheet with instructions on a seperate sheet. Larger kit patterns are printed on multiple sheets, for easier viewing. Each pattern is shown in color w/symbols in a 10X10 grid with matching gridlines on the canvas.


Q: Are the colors you see the same as the colors I'll get?

A: Not always. The colors you see depend on your computer settings, the quality of the picture and the lighting can also have an effect.

Q: Why are the colors on my pattern different the what I saw online?

A: I try to match the colors to the yarn as much as possible but I can't always do it (the software I use has it's limitations). I also try to make the pattern easy on the eyes so I include a color chart to show which colors are which on your pattern plus the symbols are unique to each color.


Q: Where can I get a Latch Hook?

A: I currantly have hooks available to my kit customers at a resonable price (with free shipping when purchased with a kit). Most stores that sell kits sell hooks (Joann Fabrics, Michaels, AC Moores, Hobby Lobby & Wal-Mart to name a Few)


Q: Do you accept requests and how much does it cost?

A: Requests are welcomed. Cost depends on size send your request and if I can do it I'll let you know, and I'll send you an E-mail after I finish. Before you purchase it I'll post a picture of the finished pattern online in my store with the cost. You are not obligated to buy. I don't charge extra for special orders size is all that matters unless you only want a pattern. If you only want a Pattern I will charge a small designing fee.


Q: I ran out of a color yarn that I need to finish my kit. What should I do??

A: Like most people I make mistakes from time to time so if you run out of yarn Email me and let me know i'll send what you need asap. The only thing I ask is that if you ordered more than one kit finish them all before contacting me. Many of my kits use the same colors and you may have enough left over to finish all your kits from the others, or I may have shorted you another color in a different kit. I'll send your yarn but I'll only pay the shipping once so Please be sure of what colors and how much you need to finish your kit(s)

Questions still, email me at